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Stewards of Children Training

Child sexual abuse is a big problem—nationally, and right here in Shelby County. One in ten kids in the U.S. will be sexually abused by age eighteen. Research conducted in our community, the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, surveyed over 1,500 Shelby County adults. Almost 20% reported experiencing sexual abuse as a child.

There is a solution—and you can help. When you take Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention and response training, you learn concrete actions you can take to keep children safe. Now available in an interactive, facilitator led format! 

Stewards is designed for parents, professionals, and volunteers who work with kids. The training is especially recommended for those who work at schools, faith-based organizations, youth-serving organizations and in the healthcare industry. If you have a child (or children) in your life, this training is for you! 

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Child Safe Policy Training

Predators seek out settings where they have easy access to children. Safety from child sexual abuse goes beyond background checks.

The safest place for a child is where all the adults are trained, proactive, and prepared. That’s why we developed a workshop to help youth-serving organizations create or strengthen their child protection policies.

If you are leader in an organization that serves kids, you’ll want to take this training. You’ll learn manageable changes you can make to your policy and procedures that safeguard the kids in your care. 

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What Parents Need to know

When it comes to child sexual abuse, it is important to know the facts. About 90% of abusers are someone known by the child. About 40% are older or more powerful youth. Parents who are trained are better prepared to protect their kids.

Our Stewards of Children sexual abuse prevention and response training prepares you to safeguard your child's boundaries. You’ll know what important conversations to have with your children, the adults in their lives, and the organizations where they spend time. You learn how to deter predators and what to do if you suspect abuse. It is well worth your time. 

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Whether you are a parent, a professional, or a volunteer who works with kids, the Memphis CAC offers resources that can help you protect kids from child sexual abuse and help kids who have been traumatized by sexual or other severe abuse. There are other agencies in town that can help, too.

For some basic information on how to protect your kids from sexual abuse, click here. For info on our Stewards of Children child sexual abuse and prevention training, click here.  

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