Holiday Bear Hug Cards

2017 MemphisCAC BearHugCard Front

You can spread holiday cheer and give hope to a child at the same time. By sending our holiday bear hug cards, you’ll help the Memphis Child Advocacy Center rescue children from the trauma of child sexual abuse. Each card sends your holiday greetings to friends and family.  What’s more, it informs the recipients that you’ve made a donation to the Child Advocacy Center in their name.

Your donation of $12 or more per card will help vulnerable kids find safety, healing and justice at the Memphis Child Advocacy Center. Every card you send provides security, courage and hope to children and families—a priceless gift that reaps rewards far after the holidays are over. Click here to see a sample card. 

Here's how to send holiday bear hugs:

1. Get us your address list. We'll need the name (as you want it printed on the envelope) and the full mailing address for each recipient. Also be sure to let us know how you want us to write your name on the inside of each card you order (for example, Aunt Tracy, Dad, John Smith, ABC Inc., etc.).

2. Email the list to doglesby [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org. You can also call Deirde directly at 901.888.4342. For on-time Hannukah delivery, please send your list by Friday, December 8. December 20 is the deadline for on-time Christmas delivery.

3. Make your donation of at least $12 per card. You can pay online, or call Deirdre at 901.888.4342.