The Memphis Child Advocacy Center has a diverse funding base which includes foundation and government grants, individual donations, corporate gifts, and investments.

In Fiscal Year 2011, sources of funding were 67% private and 33% public. True to our commitment to the kids, 85% of funds were spent on service, leaving a sufficient, yet conservative 15% spent on administration and fundraising.

The center’s executive director and board of directors are charged with making smart investments and sound financial decisions. Whitehorn Tankersley provides accounting services, and each year the Child Advocacy Center is independently audited by DelBrocco & Associates.

To receive a copy of the audit, or for more information on the Memphis Child Advocacy Center's fiscal management, call 901-888-4340. A copy of the center's IRS Form 990 is available online at

As a United Way member agency, the Child Advocacy Center is both a contributor and a recipient. Each fall, staff and volunteers go out into the community as representatives of United Way agencies, to educate community members about the life-changing work done at our center and other agencies. As an active United Way member agency, we further support the annual campaign by holding our own internal campaign. In 2011, as in past years, 100% of the Child Advocacy Center staff donated to the United Way.

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