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Interviews & Clinical Exams
Our child interviewers are trained to interview kids in a developmentally appropriate way that holds up in court. Our partner agency, the Rape Crisis Center, provides medical assessment and evidence collection if needed.
Child Protective Services
(Tennessee Department of Children’s Services)
Investigators from our partner agency, the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (DCS), work to strengthen families and protect kids from abuse and neglect. Many of the DCS staff members who specialize in child sexual or other severe abuse investigations have office space at the Memphis CAC.
Advocacy & Therapy
We offer therapy shown to reduce the negative long-term effects of trauma. In addition, our advocates help families in many ways including preparing kids for court and connecting families with community resources.
Law enforcement
Every law enforcement jurisdiction in Shelby County is part of the county’s Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT), which is headquartered at the Memphis CAC. Juvenile Court is part of the team, too. The Memphis Police Child Abuse Squad is located at the Memphis CAC. Representatives from other jurisdictions come to the CAC to meet with families and team members.
We not only respond to reported sexual abuse—we work to stop abuse from happening in the first place. Adults who take our Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention and response training are prepared to protect the kids in their care. We also help organizations develop strong child safe policy and train their staff.
Prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Special Victims Unit meet daily with representatives from law enforcement, child protective services and the Memphis CAC to make decisions to hold child abuse offenders accountable.

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Help a Victim Become a Child Again.

When you make a financial gift to the Memphis CAC, you are helping victims become children again. The Memphis Child Advocacy Center is a public-private partnership sustained by generous individuals and organizations in our community.

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A Night at the Theatre

Save the date: Saturday, August 19! This year, you'll enjoy our fabulous pre-performance party with music, food, adult beverages, and a silent auction. And then? 9 to 5 the Musical!

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Stewards of Children

Join over 18,000 Shelby County adults who have taken our Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention and response training! We'll provide training at your organization or you can come to a FREE open enrollment session.

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“I still have my bear”

Several people, now adults, have told us that they still have their bear. They came to the CAC as kids--and got the specialized care they needed to overcome the trauma of abuse. And they still have the bear they received on their first visit. Learn how you can help more kids gain that sense of security.

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Memorial Flag Raised for 3-year-old Kash Sharp

On July 14 at noon, Memphis Child Advocacy Center staff and members of the Shelby County Child Protection Investigation Team observed a moment of silence and raised the Children’s Memorial Flag for 3-year-old Kash Sharp. His father, Cortez Wilkerson, has been charged in his death. Click below to learn how you can help raise awareness.

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Join the Team!

We're expanding! We've got three positions open: victim advocate, bilingual victim advocate, and bilingual therapist. Click below for more info!

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